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Archos's Ice Cave is not fully functional and is marked as bugged. Check the Bug header for a description of the issue.

Overview[ | ]

Archos's Ice Cave, home to the Bytrog and many more dangerous creatures.

[ | ]


: As of right now, the Bytrog sometimes spawns underground and would not be able to fight it.

Creatures[ | ]

  • Ice Imp
  • Ice Goblin
  • Ice Spider
  • Cave yeti

Resources[ | ]

These are some of the Resources you can find here.

Boss[ | ]


Gallery[ | ]

Archos's Ice Cave Ice cave entrance Ice goblin camp Ice Bridge Ice yeti room Bytorg Room 1 Bytorg Room 2 Ice Bridge-Goblin camp Ice cave Exit

Archos's Ice Cave
The Sacred Path
Archos's Ice Cave: 22° Lat, 18° Lon. The Sacred Path

Video[ | ]