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Shipwreck Island

Overview[ | ]

Archos's Shipwreck Island no one knows what happen to the ship or how it got here. One thing we do know what ever the ship was carrying has something to do with it. It was though that due to their sheer size, Giants from a far away land traveled to Arthos in these massive boats to claim new lands and reign over other species of the realm. Now only the dead tread here, with no remnants or signs that giants ever arrived on the shores of Archos. To this day, this island is shrouded in mystery, and is the cause of many urban legends and myths.

Creatures[ | ]

Only two creatures live in this dead island (not including meteor drops).

Archos's Shipwreck Island
The Sacred Path
Archos's Shipwreck Island: 82° Lat, 20° Lon. The Sacred Path

Resources[ | ]

This are some of the Resources you can find here (not including meteor drops).

Gallery[ | ]

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