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Building Mastery is a task in Dark and Light.

Quests[ | ]


Careful planning avoids wasteful building. You can use magic shards to create a cheap but flimsy shell of a dwelling. Best part is, you can build right over it with another material like straw or wood!

Straw Worker

Straw is easy to come by, and makes for cheap dwellings. Problem is, its so flimsy a wolf could come along and blow it down...


A house is not a home until you furnish it with life's comforts. Practice building furniture to make your home a haven from the dangers of the world.

Wood Worker

Chop a tree, build a wall. Wood dwellings are simple but serviceable, and a lot nicer to look at than houses made of straw.

Stone Worker

Stone masonry is more advanced than woodworking, and you get a sturdier result. It won't be so easy to knock these walls down, so you can feel a bit more secure about the property you leave inside.

Iron Worker

When you're really serious about security, you need iron dwellings. The materials are — Craft Iron Foundations a lot harder to come by, and it takes a lot of skill to build, but the results will be Craft Iron Roofs battle-ready.

Manor Worker

When you're skilled enough to put a little more form into your works, you should try to craft Human Manor Walls (MOO) emulating the architecture of the great cities of Archos.

Architect I

Building mastery requires studying. As your experience and skills grow, you must master some basic different methods of crafting dwellings.

Architect II

As you begin to master basic architecture, you'll want to start studying more advanced structures as well. Mastery of advanced architecture is the path to becoming a renowned builder.