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<center>{{item icon|Earth Magic|120px}}<br/>
<center>{{item icon|Earth Magic|120px}}<br/>
<b style="font-size:15px;">Earth Magic</b>
<b style="font-size:15px;">Earth Magic</b>
<p style="font-size:10px;"School of [[Magic]]</p></center>
<p style="font-size:10px;">School of [[Magic]]</p></center>

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Icon earth magic.png

Earth Magic

School of Magic



To increase this knowledge

To increase the Earth Magic skill, you will need to perform the following tasks:

Ranking Tasks
Craft Earth Magic items

Skill ranks

Each rank has certain prerequisites to obtain (mostly player level and the previous Rank in order to complete).

Rank Prerequisites Unlocks
1 5 Rune of Guidance
2 25 Highland Illusion

Marshland Illusion

Woodland Illusion

3 25 Telekinesis
4 26 Arctic Illusion

Volcanic Illusion


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