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Goblin Engineering

School of Magic



While they may seem greedy and brutish on the surface, Goblins are actually some of the most intelligent creatures on Archos. Adventurers with some spare coin can take advantage of their advanced technology to help defend their base against outside threats.
~ In-game description

To increase this knowledge[]

To increase the Goblin Engineering skill, you will need to perform the following tasks:

Ranking Tasks
Consume Goblin gears

Knowledge Ranks and Rewards[]

Each rank has certain prerequisites to obtain (mostly player level and the previous Rank in order to complete).

Rank Prerequisites Unlocks Reward
1 Level 5 Constitution + 5.00
2 Level 10 Constitution + 10.00
3 Strawwork (Rank 6)

Level 20

Constitution + 15.00
4 Level 45

Sky Fortress

Constitution + 15.00

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