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Prey in the jungle

Prey in the jungle

A Craft of Adventuring



The Jungle is home to many creatures that you have never encountered.
~ In-game description

Leveling up[]

To increase this skill, you will need to perform the following tasks:

Ranking Tasks
Kill Creature: Overseer
Kill Creature: Boar
Kill Creature: Elk

Knowledge Ranks and Rewards[]

Rank Prerequisites Unlocks
1 Level ? Summoning Stone: Elite Overseer
Stats Bonus: HP+2
Allow summoning: Elite Overseer
2 Level ? Summoning Stone: Elite Boglord
Stats Bonus: HP+4
Allow Summoning: Elite Boglord
3 Level ? Summoning Stone: Elite Kasha
Kasha Saddle
Stats Bonus: HP+6
Allow Summoning: Elite Kasha
Allow Riding: Kasha
4 Level ? Summoning Stone: Vawshan the Whisperer
Stats Bonus: HP+8
Allow Summoning: Vawshan the Whisperer
5 Level ? Summoning Stone: Biirn'lyn the Fenwalker
Stats Bonus: HP+10
Allow Summoning: Biirn'lyn the Fenwalker
6 Level ? Summoning Stone: Szareth the Huntress
Stats Bonus: HP+12
Allow Summoning: Szareth the Huntress
7 Level ? Summoning Stone: Chimera
Chimera Feed
Stats Bonus: HP+14
Allow taming: Chimera
8 Level ? Chimera Saddle
Stats Bonus: HP+16
Allow riding: Chimera
9 Level ? Stats Bonus: HP+18
Allow Riding: Havoc Ray

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