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Branch of Adventuring

Overview[ | ]

As an adventurer, you must learn to survive on your own, even in the harshest environments. Mastering this knowledge will teach you how to craft the basic necessities of life.
~ In-game description

There is not much known about, how survival will work in the game, but there was the hint, that players will stay in a constant competition for land and with the environment.

To increase this knowledge[ | ]

To increase the Survival skill, you will need to perform the following tasks:

Ranking Tasks
Harvest wood from trees
Harvest straw from shrubs
Craft survival items

Skill Ranks and Unlocks[ | ]

Each rank has certain prerequisites to obtain (mostly player level and the previous Rank in order to complete).

Rank Prerequisites Unlocks Reward
1 Level 4
Health + 4.00
2 Level 5

Health + 8.00
3 Level 10

Health + 12.00
4 Level 15

Health + 16.00
5 Level 20

Health + 20.00
6 Level 25

Health + 24.00
7 Level 35

Health + 28.00
8 Level 45
Health + 36.00