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There are no set classes; not much is known about the skill system, but there will be a number of skill trees containing over 100 spells and abilities that players can choose from to customize their characters, you can be any class there's no limits.

Core Classes[ | ]

Classes in Dark and Light are a player driven interpretation, and do not directly have any physical implication in the game.

  • Melee - Equipped with the strongest armor, physical protection, using Iron Sword, Iron-tipped Spear, or the Iron Greatsword and other melee variants.
  • Ranger - Equipped with a balance of both Physical protection and Magic Resistance. Uses the bow , crossbow, iron dagger and various elemental oriented projectiles.
  • Mage - Equipped with powerful enchanted robes, providing optimal Magic Resistance. Uses Staff variants, in combination with various spells and enchantments.

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