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Copper Ore

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Stack Size
Spawn Command
Cheat GiveItemNum 281 1 0 0

Overview[edit | edit source]

Copper Ore nodes are where players can get Copper Ore to smelt in a forge to get Copper Bars.

Copper Ore Node

Ore[edit | edit source]

Copper Ore inventory icon
Copper Ore inventory icon

Copper Ore nodes are a lot smaller than normal rocks, and if you're playing with the graphics on low or medium, look like much smaller rocks with a kind of reflective surface to them from a distance, and have kind of rounded edges.

Copper Ore nodes give [X] Copper Ore.

Using Stone Pickaxe harvested 31 units of Copper Ore (Results may vary)

Where it can be found[edit | edit source]

Copper Ore nodes can be found on hillsides and around and on mountains, along with Iron ore and Mithril Ore nodes.

Ingot[edit | edit source]

A copper ingot is a refined from two Copper Ore. The process of refining two pieces of copper ore into one copper ingot is 20 seconds.

Used in crafting[edit | edit source]

Copper bars are used in crafting for these recipes: [Copper Bar image forthcoming]