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Crafting in Dark and Light is somewhat comparable with the crafting in the game "ARK: Survival Evolved". First, players must harvest enough resources from the environment. Most basic and important resources at the beginning of the game are wood, stone and straw - aside the other obvious important survival elements, like raw meat or apples and blueberries. To make better weapons one of course will sooner or later have the need to know what to do with Ore.

To create something from the gathered resources, one needs the knowledge of specific schematics which can be found or learned through progression. Some schematics can also be bought from Vendors.

Neutral Crafting Stations[]


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Currently Available Schematics (Work in progress)[]

Hover over a schematic to see what is needed to craft it

Icon drain spell staff head.png
Icon rune of warmth.png
Icon rune of light.png
Icon rune of restoration.png
Icon rune of cooling.png
Icon rune of recall.png
Icon larder box.png
Icon stone axe.png
Icon berries.png
Icon apples.png
Icon ice chunk.png
Icon rune of gravity.png
Icon rune of guidance.png
Icon stone sword.png
Icon iron sword.png
Icon fireball staff head.png
Icon magic workbench.png
Icon dining table.png
Icon iron axe.png
Icon iron pickaxe.png
Icon throwing knives.png
Icon cooked meat.png
Icon spiced meat.png
Icon druidic staff.png
Icon lightning bolt staff head.png
Icon wall of ice staff head.png
Icon wall of fire staff head.png
Icon polymorph staff head.png
Icon summoning pool.png
Icon horse saddle.png
Icon boar saddle.png
Icon bargesh saddle.png
Icon berry jam.png
Icon quartz sand.png
Icon iron scythe.png
Icon stone-tipped spear.png
Icon wooden bow.png
Icon crossbow.png
Icon stone pickaxe.png
Icon iron dagger.png
Icon campfire.png
Icon two-handed great sword.png
Icon spell generator.png
Icon house seal.png
Icon mystical feed.png
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