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After the game was installed and the player has joined the game, there are three factions/races to choose from:

Talos = Humans
Estel = Elves
Ironfast = Dwarves

Depending on what the player chooses, he/she will start the game in a different location. Once the faction was joined, the Character creation will start and the player can chose, if he/she wants to play as a female or male character. There are various detail adjustments he/she can make. First, the detail adjustment starts randomly with the whole body, but players can switch to the head and start from there, too.

For the body, the players can change the skin color, neck size, neck lenght, shoulder width and the chest size of the avatar. Skin color has a wide range of possibilities. Next settings to make are for the Arms (including the size of the hands), waist and the legs (including the size of the feet).

For changes on the head or face, players must simply click the left button next to the torso-button to the left on the screen. From there, he/she can change the headgear (yes, that's what it says in the early access), the eye brow, eye(s), ear, face, nose, mouth and hair, and facial hair for male characters, of course.

While hair colours are various like the skin colours, the choices of hair-cuts are very limited for female and male characters. At least at moment. If one absolutely can't decide, there is a chance to find a character when one is clicking random.

Further customization[ | ]

After the basic character's look is done, there are of course other ways of customization - like changing the look with an armor, special weapons and such. There also will be 100 abilities and spells to unlock, as characters level up.