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Estel icon

Faction Name: Estel

Capital City: Estel

Race: Elves

Overview[ | ]

Starting location
The Sacred Path
?: 68° Lat, 45° Lon. The Sacred Path

Estel is one of the factions in Dark and Light.

Before the Fall of Gaia, the southern lands were dense magical forests and the elves were its unquestioned masters. When the meteors and dark creatures arrived on Archos, the elves and their sacred groves were devastated. To survive, they joined forces with any who sought to protect the forests.
~ from the game intro/faction selection

The city of Estel is made up of the Central Square, Downtown area, Suburbs, Residential area and Palace. Players initially spawn in the Central Square, where most NPC vendors have shops. There is a safe starting area adjacent the shops and plenty of guards patrolling, whom are aggressive to players of other factions and any untamed creatures.

Central Square[ | ]

Estel's Central Square contains basic shop vendors who can be upgraded by donating coin to. These upgrades provide the vendors with more items to both sell and buy. Vendors include a Blacksmith, Armourer (who is across the Eastern bridge in a building on its own), Farmer, Mage as well as an Inn.