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Fate Mastery is a task in Dark and Light.

Quests[ | ]

Consider joining or creating a house

You and your allies can share experience, make a name for yourselves, and fight to master a portion of Archos together.


You've now built the skills to explore far and wide on your own. You still have much to learn and discover, but you can proceed with confidence.

Adventurer I

Your knowledge has given you the ability to survive in the wilderness. Let your curiosity guide you forward, discovering new places and inventions.

Adventurer II

You have reached the pinnacle of experience. Now venture to the corners of Archos, and find new ways to increase your power and influence!


Whispers of your name can be heard throughout the city. It seems that most everyone knows who you are, and you seem to turn heads as you pass.


Your contributions to our city are well known, and you are revered throughout the faction. Everyone knows your name now, and you are loved by many.


The people of our faction speak your name with reverence. There is no doubt that your name will be forged in legend long after you are gone.