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Forging Workbench

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Crafting Stations
Stack Size
Forging (Rank 3)
Player Level
Crafting XP
Time to Craft
5 sec
Spawn Command
Cheat GiveItemNum 665 1 0 0


Imbued with powerful crafting enchantments, this workbench can be used to create extremely powerful weapons.
~ In-game description

The Forging Workbench must be placed at an Active Leyline and your faction must control the nearest Soul Node. You will be able to tell that a Leyline is 'active' when it shows as 'broken down' and is no longer a monolithic rock pile. Once a leyline becomes active, it begins to breakdown - slowly losing energy over time.

By placing the Forging Workbench over an active leyline - it will hover there, just above the blue and black rubble pile. You can then access it's inventory which holds two slots.

The first slot - is for a forgeable item. Most armor is 'forgeable'. Forgeable items have a Tag: Forgeable at the bottom of the item's information overlay.

The second slot is for Refined Metal Alloy. In general, it will take 5-6 of these to forge one item one time.

Once you have added the necessary components, you may then 'activate' the Forging Workbench. A spectral figure appears next to the workbench and begins the forging process. Two bars will appear, along with an 'energy' icon. Forging completeness will go up as the workbench consumes metal and 'adds' it to the item being forged, while 'impurity' will also go up, similar to losing wildness on tames, this slowly decreases the effectiveness of the forge process.

When the process has completed, a buff will be added to the equipment that was added. Most commonly this will be a health boost from 30 to as high as 125. Alternatively, it may produce a buff to Constitution, Mana, or to Health Regeneration. Each piece of armor may be forged twice, adding a different buff each time.

The amount of energy in the leyline will dictate how long it remains usable. The energy goes down very slowly over time, accelerating slightly with use. With about 10,000 energy, a leyline was active for a couple of hours, and was easily used to forge a dozen items twice each.

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