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Description[ | ]

Quote[ | ]

Unidentified fungal spores. Plant in a medium or large plot to grow various mushrooms.
~ In-game description

Harvesting[ | ]

Fungal spores are available by using a tamed Boar or through purchase from a specific NPC vendor in each city.

Crop Plots[ | ]

Fungal spores can be planted in a

Icon small crop plot

Small Crop Plot,

Icon medium crop plot

Medium Crop Plot or

Icon large crop plot

Large Crop Plot

Produces[ | ]

Icon deathcap mushrooms

Deathcap Mushrooms

Icon nightcap mushrooms

Nightcap Mushrooms

Icon whitecap mushrooms

Whitecap Mushrooms

Icon vigor mushrooms

Vigor Mushrooms

Recipes Used In[ | ]

  • Iron Hook Arrows
  • ???
  • ???

Other Notes[ | ]

  • Iron Hook Arrows can only be crafted with Nightcap Mushrooms gained from farming Fungal spores.
  • ???