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Overview[ | ]

Within the griffin family lies an especially powerful and legendary griffin, known for its shiny golden feathers and razor sharp claws. This griffin is unique as it draws magic energy from the environment, giving it special abilities more significant compared to other griffins. Known for residing and soaring over the mountains, this griffin is revered by the people of the ancient city for its role in protecting their land from invaders. Not just anyone can hope to command this griffin, though; an ancient pact grants the exclusive right to control the griffin to one of the city’s Lords, a privileged position that’s sure to create a lot of competition.
~ Text from the press kit
Gryphons are half-god creatures that can live in nearly any region around Archos. With the body and claws of a Lion, and the head and wings of an Eagle, these divine creatures pridefully soar through the sky. It's not easy to tame a Gryphon, but the effort matches the reward - a tamed Gryphon well never abandon its master, and will even go as far as to join them in death. No single warrior does not strive to earn the title of "Gryphon Knight".
~ From the in-game Bestiary

Griffins are majestic, adaptable creatures that mainly live in mountainous areas but you may catch a glimpse of them soaring through the clouds of other regions. Griffins can sprint across long distances and pounce on unsuspecting prey with their devastatingly sharp talons. However, their real strength lies in their aerial dominance - with unmatched flying speed and powerful offensive capabilities, a well-organized formation of players astride griffin mounts can easily wipe out an unprepared village.

An elite variant of the Griffin can be found in the wild and has a chance to transform into a Sacred Griffin.

Description[ | ]

Wild Griffins are not that much of a threat that one would expect. They aggro to you from a medium range, their flight speed in average and are below average fighters.

Taming[ | ]

The griffin can be tamed. They take a lot of hooked arrows to knock out so be prepared. While attempting to knock out the griffin it will fly away from time to time, don't worry though they almost always come back to attack you. Once knocked out the griffin will eat a lot and fast but it's torpidity drain is rather slow so it will stay asleep for some time.

The griffin like every carnivore has the following preference:

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Delicate Carnivore Feed >

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Carnivore Feed >

Icon fine raw meat

Fine Raw Meat >

Icon raw meat

Raw Meat

Attacks[ | ]

Left Click - A regular close combat melee attack. Uses stamina and mana.

Right Click - Pick up

Ctrl or Alt gr button will activate its charge attack that does significantly more damage than the left click but also costs more stamina.

The griffin can only pick up small and medium sized allied units such as:

(And possibly more?)

Gallery[ | ]

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