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Homestead Mastery is a task in Dark and Light.

Quests[ | ]

Reaper I

You know what they say...you reap what you sow. But you won't be doing any reaping without the proper equipment!

Reaper II

There are invaluable resources right under your feet if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Uproot the earth and she'll give you a bounty of treasure!


Nurture a seed, and in time it will grow and return the favor. Learning to plant and water crops will make you a good farmer, which in turn will make you a better homesteader.


A key aspect of homesteading is preparing your own food. Learn to craft furnishings that will enable you to preserve and prepare food that will nurture your soul.

Cook II

Preparing meat well can keep it from spoiling and make it more nourishing. Practice the art of cooking and preserving meat, and you won't have to hunt for fresh meat every meal.

Animal Handler

A farmer understands what many hunters don't - a beast is much more valuable in than skinned. There are many creatures that can be tamed out there.


Consider taming and raising livestock. Creatures that can produce goods for you are a valuable investment. As long as you keep them fed and sheltered, you have a near-endless supply of product!


A master farmer knows how to sheer his livestock Fur can be used to craft all manner Shear fur from sheep of clothing and furnishings Treat your beasts well, and they will gladly share their warmth with you!

Beast Master

You can never have too many beasts of burden. Most creatures - from the most timid sheep to the most ferocious dragon - will submit to your will with the right tools, food and dedication.


You'd be surprised the beasts you can ride! Practice forging saddles fitted for beasts of all shapes and sizes, and someday you may be riding through the skies themselves!


Practice the skills that will lead to self-sufficiency. Nurture your crops and livestock with care, and you can become master over the land!