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Horse Saddle

Overview[ | ]

Horses are mounts that can only be purchased in a city.
~ from the in-game Bestiary

Description[ | ]

The horse is a trusty companion in all situations. Since the dawn of man, they have been used to serve their purpose for trading, messengers, labor and war. The horse can be purchased in all corresponding towns using Gold Coin and come readily equipped with a saddle.

A very important note is that in combination with the horses exceptionally large health pool and great movement speed, an Iron-tipped Spear can be used while mounting the horse, making for a high damage combination of an additional health pool and high attack speed. It is the ideal mount for slaying many creatures at once, even larger beasts who would otherwise pose a great threat to wandering travelers.

Their traveling speed can be further increased by repeatedly jumping when mounted, which seems to be increasing their velocity in a stacking manner, indefinitely. For that you need a slightly elevated or plain path. At larger speeds they can jump over obstacles they normal couldn't otherwise. All of this makes them incredible land mounts when used correctly, even rivaling some flyers in this regard.

Their gold price is surprisingly low, so it is a good idea for new players to buy one as soon as possible. Even low leveled horses will far surpass many mid-high level wild creatures as far as health pool and carry weight goes. These seemingly overpowered stats can be accounted to the fact of horses not being able to gather anything or attack at all unless their rider was wielding an Iron Spear. Considering the high level requirement to craft an Iron Spear, it is advised to buy one at a city. Even a regular crafted quality Iron Spear will easily tear most enemies apart that you would encounter at that stage of the game.

Watch out for their trample damage that hits for an insignificantly small amount when stepping over smaller creatures at it will damage city guards. During online game city guards can be trampled by your horse even if it did not look like you actually hit them, merely walking too close to them could deal damage, leaving you and your steed in huge trouble, possibly resulting in both of your death at the guard's hand. Be careful in cities when riding a horse!

When bought their included saddles' armor value range from 23 to 27.

As horses do not spawn in the wild, one could slay low level horses in the cities or villages to make room for higher level ones to spawn. While this is a gruesome act, there is no other way to make space for higher level horses to spawn. They do no flee, and contrary to what you would believe city-guards do not protect horses at all. Alternatively, considering their surprising cheapness you could buy them for other uses, like making a caravan with huge weight and speed, or act as chests inside cities where you cannot build or place storage chests.

Purchasing Chart[ | ]

(PvE) The purchase price of a Horse is listed below:
Level Price Level Price Level Price Level Price Level Price Level Price
4 65 24 44 360 64 565 84 104
8 85 28 220 48 400 68 615 88 108 1165
12 110 32 255 52 72 660 92 112
16 135 36 285 56 480 76 96 116 1295
20 165 40 325 60 525 80 765 100 120

Gallery[ | ]