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Once Dark and Light is installed, the player can join the game and must select a server. Next step is to select a faction: Talos, Estel or Ironfast. When this is done, the Character Creation with its detail adjustments will come up and the player can create an avatar, he/she will move around in the game. Players can choose, if they like to play a female or male character.

When the player is happy with the appearance, they can jump into the game, which starts with a short tutorial to learn the basic skills, schematics and how the Inventoryand the interface works. Skills are split up into adventuring, magic and architecture.

First thing the player will learn is to harvest. This can be done simply with the hands, but tools will be more helpful when one has to harvest stones. First items, which can ge harvested with bare hands are wood, blueberries, straw, grass and magic shards.

Controls[ | ]

Basically, moving in the game is done with W A S D. But players can set up the keys to their liking as well. Read more: Key bindings

Hints[ | ]

  • Follow the tutorial
  • Harvest materials with your hands (whacking grass)
  • Build near a water source
  • Don't build near a meteorite drop (Darkness spawns there)

Taming[ | ]

Various creatures require certain methods to be tamed. Lower weaker creatures can be tamed by stone hook arrows, however the bigger and stronger the creature requires Iron Harpoon Arrows (Works same as stone but is stronger).

How to tame an animal[ | ]

  • Shoot a stone hook arrow at a creature and then pin it to the ground
  • Do it multiple times
  • It will tire itself out and collapse
  • Most effective when the creature stretches and breaks the tether from the stone hook arrow.
  • Creature must be able to move to become exhausted and collapse
  • Use the required food source (apples for herbivores, meat for carnivores)
  • Place feeding trough next to it and add the food needed for the creature