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Ice Imp

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Achos's frozen mountin tops
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Overview[ | ]

Evolved from the essence of ice, these odd, creatures make their home in Achos's frozen mountain tops. Although they may look harmless, they actually have quite powerfull offensive capabilities and can manifest a massive ice fist to pummel its opponents. Tamed Ice Imps are a terrific asset for adventurers - they have the ability to preserve perishable items in they ice bodies, and can help keep travelers cool by lowering the temperature in an area.
~ From the in-game Bestiary

Description[ | ]

Aside from combat Ice Imps has the additional utility, which is reducing the spoil time of items inside their inventories.

Taming[ | ]

They can be tamed by damaging it until it has less than 20% of health. Once his health is lower than 20% use a Soul Suppress Stone to get its soul. Once you get the Ice Imp soul, place the Soul Suppress Stone inside the Summoning Pool with what ever resources it requires to revive it. You will also need Magic Essence to power up the Summoning Pool.

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General purpose[ | ]

Ice Imps can be used as a refrigerators and will generate Water Elemental Cores if supplied with Magic Shards in their inventory.

Gallery[ | ]

Ice Imp Ice imp inventory