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Inventory Screen

The Inventory in Dark and Light consists of the level/experience bar with the avatar name on top, Combat Stats and the Survival Stats. Below the avatar preview are the character's armor and weapon slots. Right of the character one can see further stats: Armor crafting, magic resistance, speed, cold resistance and heat resistance.

In the middle is the backpack, with the equipped primary and secondary belt below. Players can switch between both belts in using the Alt key.

On the right is the Schematics tab, with all the possible recipes the avatar has collected.

Note: Each player's inventory has roughly 300 individual inventory slots. If a player is at that max, and attempts to split an item stack in two, the amount split will simply vanish due to reaching this invisible limit.

This was done by splitting item stacks continuously until roughly 300 inventory spaces were taken up, which resulted in an extra items split vanishing.

Note: Not only does the player have an invisible 300 inventory slot limit, but pets and inanimate objects, such as the magical workbench, do as well.

If a player attempts to put over 300 individual item stacks into their inventory, the remainder will disappear. If a player attempts to craft, for example, 400 glass bottles in a single magic workbench, only 300 will be stored in the bench, the rest vanishing despite using up the materials.

Useful Keybinds[ | ]

Also undocumented

Item manipulation via menus
Key Action
Transfer item
Transfer half stack

Double Click

Transfer 5 items
Transfer one item in a stack
Drop item
Open/close remote-inventory
RMB Use item in inventory

Mount Commands ` = All Follow , = All Stay B = Target Follow M = Target Stay J = All Neutral K = All Passive L = Move To Location H = Attack Target Menu's O = Task/Quests U = Skills I = Inventory P = House Management Backspace = Close NPC Dialogue Player Q = Holster/Unholster ALT = Switch Hotbar Belt C = Primary Radial Belt Menu V = Secondary Radial Belt Menu [Contributed by MadTheory] G = Drag/Drop Body Right Shift = Toggle Sprint LftCtrl = Crouch Reload = R Emotes / = Sorry/Regret

= Nod/Affirmation

' = Shake Head/No . = Laugh Camera END = Orbital Camera/Hide HUD DEL = Hide HUD/Show Co-ordinates Mouse 3/Middle Mouse Button = Center Camera Chatbox [ = House Chat ] = Local Chat Enter/Return = Global Chat \ = Camp Chat/Auto Hide Toggle PgUp = Scroll Chatbox Up

PgDown = Scroll Chatbox Down