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Icon Name Category Stack Size Item ID Class Name Blueprint Path
Icon rune of cooling ii
Rune of Cooling II Runes
Icon rune of gravity
Rune of Gravity Runes
Icon rune of restoration
Rune of Restoration Runes 30 204
Icon rune of warmth
Rune of Warmth Runes 205
Icon rune of light
Rune of Light Runes 206
Icon rune of radiance
Rune of Radiance Runes 207
Icon rune of haste
Rune of Haste Runes 219
Icon rune of deathstalker form
Rune of Deathstalker Form Runes 222
Icon rune of wyvern form
Rune of Wyvern Form Runes 223
Icon rune of darkvision
Rune of Darkvision Runes 232
Icon rune of guidance
Rune of Guidance Runes 30 233
Icon rune of recall
Rune of Recall Runes 236
Icon rune of soul binding
Rune of Soul Binding Runes 238
Icon rune of cooling
Rune of Cooling Runes 30 539
Icon rune of restoration ii
Rune of Restoration II Runes 30 587
Icon bear shapeshifting rune
Bear Shapeshifting Rune Runes 30 800
Icon deathstalker shapeshifting rune
Deathstalker Shapeshifting Rune Runes 30 801
Icon elk shapeshifting rune
Elk Shapeshifting Rune Runes 30 802
Icon gryphon shapeshifting rune
Gryphon Shapeshifting Rune Runes 30 803
Icon nidhog shapeshifting rune
Nidhog Shapeshifting Rune Runes 30 804
Icon unicorn shapeshift rune
Unicorn Shapeshift Rune Runes 30 805
Icon wolf shapeshift rune
Wolf Shapeshift Rune Runes 30 806
Icon wyvern shapeshifting rune
Wyvern Shapeshifting Rune Runes 30 807
Icon yeti shapeshifting rune
Yeti Shapeshifting Rune Runes 30 808
Icon rune of warmth ii
Rune of Warmth II Runes 30 829
Icon rune of cooling ii
Rune of Cooling II Runes 30 830