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Icon Name Category Stack Size Item ID Class Name Blueprint Path
Icon spell tower.png
Spell Tower Structures 3
Icon small spell tower.png
Small Spell Tower Structures 1
Icon private door.png
Private Door Structures 100
Icon bedroll.png
Bedroll Structure 1 1
Icon small chest.png
Small Chest Structures 100 2
Icon medium chest.png
Medium Chest Structures 100 3
Icon wall torch.png
Wall Torch Structures 3 4
Icon wooden signpost.png
Wooden Signpost Structures 100 7
Icon private chest.png
Private Chest Structures 100 8
Icon small crop plot.png
Small Crop Plot Structures 100 22
Icon medium crop plot.png
Medium Crop Plot Structures 100 23
Icon large crop plot.png
Large Crop Plot Structures 100 24
Icon wooden feeding trough.png
Wooden Feeding Trough Structures 100 41
Icon stone feeding trough.png
Stone Feeding Trough Structures 100 42
Icon summoning pool.png
Summoning Pool Structures 53
Icon canopy.png
Canopy Structures 1 104
Icon house seal.png
House Seal Structures 117
Icon spell generator.png
Element Stove Structures 197
Icon resurrection altar.png
Resurrection Altar Structures 234
Icon large chest.png
Large Chest Structures 100 488
Icon goblin ballista.png
Goblin Ballista Structures 1 582
Icon wooden turnover door.png
Wooden Turnover Door Structures 100 747