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Kebo are great, large creatures that make their home throughout Archos's grasslands. It's huge frame and thick hide make it nearly impervious to most attacks, and as a result, has no natural predators. Kebos have a natural affinity with humans - they're relatively easy to tame, and many villages keep large groups of Kebos for use in farming or material transport due to their high stamina. In a fight, Kebos can shrug off most attacks with its armored hide and sweep enemies off their feet with heavy blows. (Text from the press kit)


The Kebo are fierce beasts who've thrived the lands of Arthos since the dawn of man. They were once used as war beasts in conflicts between the first settlers in dispute of territory. The Kebo were the first beasts of burden who were known to gather materials that were otherwise difficult to cultivate with primitive tools. It was later discovered that exposure to magics and mystical energies gave the Kebo an ungodly power, turning them into savage beasts of legend known only as the Crystalline Beast. They are tamed for gathering materials and treading the lands in comfort and security.

Elite Kebo can be found on occasion roaming the wilds. These Kebo have a chance of transforming into hulking giants known as Crystalline Beast.


The Kebo can be tamed. It can also be found in its elite state, and transform into a Crystalline Beast.

Kebo have the following preference:






K.O Strategy[]

Stone hook arrows or iron hook arrows.

A level 100 Kebo takes approximately 50 stone hook arrows to down.

Despite being advertised as 'easy to tame', a Kebo is a long tame. Prepare for a long wait, and bring lots of extra hook arrows to keep it asleep, as its timer has a moderate tick-down time. A lvl 20 kebo took 2h 30min to tame with apples

Can be a very long tame, level 100 mostly fed with feed took about 3 hours. The extra arrows to keep Con from dropping to zero hardly moved the wildness.



General purpose[]

Gathering Materials such as Stone and wood.

Pure gathering[]

Kebo are excellent beasts for gathering Materials such as Stone, wood, Sulfur, and Twine.

Make sure to level attack and weight to get the most out of your supply run.


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