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Icon krampus card


Overview[ | ]

First introduce during the December winter event. Krampus is a very powerful creature known to give bad kids coal if they weren't good during the year.

If encountered don't try to fight them, for they are not alone as they spawn evil snowmen. Snowmen will knock you out so that the Krampus can take your gear and vanish into thin air. Along with their slowing ranged spells, high health and the chance to completely disappear with your gear (Unlike goblins that store them it chests) this makes them a very dangerous foe.

The Krampus appears when somebody on this server or in this world uses too many cheat codes. (conformation needed)

Strategy for fighting[ | ]

The naga transformation allows you to hit Krampus at extreme range, he may not even notice you. The best approach is with one of the three largest flying mounts, dragons and the elite banshee

Gallery[ | ]

Krampus 1 Krampus 2