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Overview[ | ]

Archos is the name of the world. While the world map is currently only limited to The Sacred Path more sections of the map are bound to follow.

The Sacred Path[ | ]

The Sacred Path

Archos's Volcano[ | ]

Archos's Volcano

Archos's Lofty Floating Island[ | ]

Archos's Lofty Floating Island

Archos's Shipwreck Island[ | ]

Archos's Shipwreck Island

Archos's Ice Cave[ | ]

Archo's Ice Cave

Talos City[ | ]

Talos City

Estel City[ | ]

Estel City

Ironfast City[ | ]

Ironfast City

The Scalding Abyss[ | ]

The Scalding Abyss

Air Temple[ | ]

Air Temple

Resource Maps[ | ]

Sacred Path

Map Tools[ | ]

DnL Map