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Mithril is a rare and elusive metal known for its extreme durability and lightweight properties. The ores are gathered from cubical geodes that are scattered throughout Arthos. Can be smelted in a Forge To produce Mithril Ingot, and are used primarily in the crafting process of Darkstone Armor, Mithril Armor and all manor pieces for Dwarves, Elves, and Humans. The ratio is 2 ore to 1 ingot.

Mithrill Ore Node


Mithrill Ore inventory icon

Mithrill Ore inventory icon

Mithril Ore nodes are a lot smaller than normal rocks, and are very shiny when the sun hits them just right.

Mithril Ore nodes give [X] Mithril Ore.

Using Stone Pickaxe harvested 31 units of Mithril Ore (Results may vary)

Where it can be found[]

Mithril Ore nodes can be found at the highest points of Archos on the top of mountain tops, and on some of Archos's Lofty Floating Islands.


Mithrill ingot inventory icon

Mithrill Ingot inventory icon

A Mithril ingot it's refined from two Mithril Ore.