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Icon overseer card

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Overview[ | ]

Roaming in this universe, it sets its eyes on intruders and targets that are to be infected. They prevail each corner in the forests, desert, and rifts, serving the dark lord. Their boss is looking for the whereabouts of the legendary mythical creatures, attempting to further corrupt the universe.
~ from the in-game Bestiary

Description[ | ]

Location in the World Gaya (The Shard). Despite their aggressive nature, their aggro radius is surprisingly small, which is even less when approached from behind. They take critical, increased damage when hit in the eye with arrows (and maybe other weapons too), however it is rather hard to achieve.

They are a good source of Magic Shards and even bottled Magic Essence, which along with their low health makes them a good target for hunting.

Taming[ | ]

The Overseer can be tamed. They can be tamed by damaging it until it has less than 20% of health. Once his health is lower than 20% use a Suppression Stone Overseer to get its soul. Once you get the Overseer soul, place the Suppression Stone Overseer inside the Summoning Pool with what ever resources it requires to revive it. You will also need Magic Essence to power up the Summoning Pool. Note: Health example HP

Gallery[ | ]

Overseer 1Overseer 2