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Sacrifice the Living

Sacrifice the Living

Branch of Magic



You think these are creatures? I am afraid they are no longer living.
~ In-game description

To increase this knowledge[]

To increase the Sacrifice the Living skill, you will need to perform the following tasks:

Ranking Tasks
Kill Creature: Fallen

Skill Ranks and Unlocks[]

Each rank has certain prerequisites to obtain (mostly player level and the previous Rank in order to complete).

Rank Prerequisites Unlocks Reward
1 Level ? Suppression Stone: Overseer Stamina + 1.00
2 Level ? Suppression Stone: Uillip Stamina + 1.00
3 Level ? Stamina + 1.00

Allow Summoning: Elite Spectre

4 Level ? Stamina + 1.00
5 Level ? Stamina + 2.00
6 Level ? Summoning Stone: Spectre Lord Stamina + 2.00

Allow Summoning: Spectre Lord

7 Level ? Monarch Crab Feed

Summoning Stone: Behemoth

Stamina + 2.00
8 Level ? Monarch Crab Fort Saddle Stamina + 2.00
9 Level ? Summoning Stone: Celestial Dragon

Celestial Dragon Saddle
Weather: Thunder Storm

Stamina + 4.00