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Skeletal Staff

Skeletal Staff

Branch of Magic

Overview[ | ]

Quote[ | ]

Are you talking about this staff? It was created using the remains of my mentor.
~ In-game description

To increase this knowledge[ | ]

To increase the Skeletal Staff skill, you will need to perform the following tasks:

Ranking Tasks

Skill Ranks and Unlocks[ | ]

Each rank has certain prerequisites to obtain (mostly player level and the previous Rank in order to complete).

Rank Prerequisites Unlocks Reward
1 Level ? Witherbark Staff

Staffhead: Summoning Dark Fallen

Attack + 1.00
2 Level 33

Undead Souls Rank 4

Dread Staff

Staffhead: Summoning Dark Wraith

Attack + 1.00
3 Level ? Staff of Neutra

Staffhead: Summoning Spectelord

Attack + 1.00
4 Level ? Staff of Neutra (Artifact)

Staffhead: Summoning Reaper

Attack + 1.00