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Smithing Mastery is a task in Dark and Light.

Quests[ | ]

Miner I

An axe will do in a pinch, but a pick is the true miner's tool. Always have one of these on hand in your travels, especially if you want to get at the most precious minerals.

Miner II

It's back-breaking work to mine boulders for their precious stones, but the results are worth it. You'll need a lot of materials to perfect the art of smithing, and the best way to get them is by your own hands!

Miner III

You'll need to explore to find the more rare minerals you can mine. These are among the greatest treasures of Archos, because they will forge the best weapons and armor.


A master blacksmith can't work without a smithy. You must learn to furnish your dwelling with specialized smithing equipment, which will allow you to craft specialized tools and weapons.


Raw materials make crude tools my friend. The first step to becoming a blacksmith is learning to smelt the minerals you mine into ingots. Practice this skill, as it will be vital to your smithing.


The greatest swordsman is nothing without a sword. Every blade you craft may save the life of the welder by taking the life of another. Let the blade be sharp enough to put that fate in the wielder's hands.


A well-fitted suit of armor can save a warrior's life. You must practice crafting armors of all shapes and sizes until you perfect the art.


A warrior needs a sturdy shield that buckles under nothing. You must perfect the art of crafting shields of all materials and weights to provide the wielder the protection they need.


A master blacksmith creates instruments of industry and war. Perfect your smithing skills, until your name becomes synonymous with victory in battle!