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Talos City.png

Starting location
The Sacred Path
Talos City: 53° Lat, 12° Lon. The Sacred Path


Talos City home to the human race of Archos.


Farmer Hunter Miner Innkeeper Smith Architect Wizard Priest
Icon corben thames.png
Corben Thames
Icon artemis payne.png
Artemis Payne
Icon liana elmore.png
Liana Elmore
Icon gunther smith.png
Gunther Smith
Icon bogar thonn.png
Bogar Thonn
Icon sol graves.png
Sol Graves


This are some of the Creatures you can find in Talos City


Human Homes.png Talos City Stables.png Talos City Markey 1.png Talos City Market 2.png Talos City Main Castle Bridge.png Talos City Griffin statue.png Talos City Castle left.png Talos City Castle Right.png Talos Castle.png Castle Hall.png Talos CIty Castle Back.png