Dark and Light Wiki

Regular Tames[ | ]

Normal tames you find all over the world. These tames are simple tamed by knocking them unconscious with hook arrows, and feeding them through a wooden feeding trough.

Icon albino deer cardIcon arachnea cardBahamut cardIcon bargesh cardIcon bear cardIcon boar cardIcon centaur cardIcon centaur lancer cardIcon centaur vanguard cardIcon cyclops cardIcon deer cardIcon goblin cardIcon griffin cardIcon grut stag cardIcon horse cardIcon ice wolf cardIcon kebo cardIcon lavatiger cardIcon longhorn cardIcon mastodon cardIcon nidhog cardIcon panther cardIcon savage cyclops cardIcon sheep cardIcon stirge cardIcon unicorn cardIcon vicious hyena cardIcon vrock cardIcon wolf cardWyvern cardIcon yeti card

Mythic Tames[ | ]

Exceptionally harder to tame and rare to find. These tames are stronger versions of the regular tames and have to survive in the wild for a set amount of time before becoming a mythic version. Once they transform into a mythic version you can tame them the same way as regular tames, however you need mythic feed.

Icon crystalline beast cardPegasus cardIcon sacred griffin cardIcon windrider card

Elemental Tames[ | ]

Taming style differs from Regular and Mythic tames. These tames are beaten into submission in order to tame them. They need to have a little under one bar of health left in order to seal them away. You then use a suppression stone / small suppression stone to seal them away. You will proceed back to your base and revive them from that stone in your summoning pool.

Icon balrog cardIcon earth elemental cardIcon fire element cardIcon fire lord cardIcon ice elemental cardIcon ice imp cardIcon light elemental cardReaper cardIcon skeleton cardIcon treant cardIcon water elemental cardIcon wind elemental card