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This is a item icon that can be liked to the items page as well as display an icon.


{{item icon|ITEM NAME|SIZE|desc=|quality=|link=}}

SIZE, desc=, link= and quality= are all optional entries. The default size is 30px.

Description field examples
Explenation Code Result
If des=y will display text behind the icon for the name of the icon.
{{item icon|apples|35px|desc=y}}
If desc=nl then the text will be displayed on a new line
{{item icon|apples|35px|desc=nl}}
If desc=TEXT will display the text next to the icon instead of the icons name.
{{item icon|apples|35px|desc=This is not an apple!}}
If desc is not included.
{{item icon|apples|35px}}
Icon apples.png
Link Param
If link=TEXT the icon and text will link to a page that is listed.
{{item icon|apples|35px|link=goblin|desc=y}}
If link=n the icon will not link to anything.
{{item icon|apples|35px|link=n}}
Icon apples.png
If link is not included, the icon will link to the text page.
{{item icon|apples|35px}}
Icon apples.png
Other Params
If quality= will display quality in the description
{{item icon|apples|35px|desc=y|quality=e}}

Be sure that an icon exists for the item (ex. Icon sulphur ore.png)

If one does exist, then one simply needs to name it properly. The extension MUST be PNG and there MUST be the word Icon (capitol I) infront of the name.

Missing Icons

Check the Item icon missing category to see what icons need to be added or corrected.


Template: Ingredient

Template: Quality


Originally created by Xianith

If you have questions or if this isn't working right, please leave a note here