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The Call of Adventure is a task in Dark and Light.

Quests[ | ]

Melee Crafting Skill
You have already learned to fashion crude tools, but you'll need more than that to defend yourself out there. Access your skills and see what is needed to reach Rank 2 of Melee Crafting.

Crafting a Sword
There are more dangers in the wilds of Archos than you know. As you begin to venture out, you will need a proper sword for hunting and protection.

Crafting a Runes of Restoration
If the Order sent you here from Gaia, you must have some proficiency in Water Magic. If you can manage to live through a fight, a Rune of Restoration can heal your wounds.

Survival Skill
As you grow bolder in your exploration, you will find yourself far from the city limits. Your Survival skills are the only thing that can keep you alive when the night falls and your stomach growls.

Crafting a Campfire
The nights in the wild are dark and cold. Magic spells can provide light and warmth, but nothing compares to the comforts of a roaring fire with meat roasting on the spit.

Placing a Campfire
They don't allow building in the city, so find yourself a nice safe clearing to begin a camp of your own. Access your inventory [I] and 'use' the campfire to begin placing it.

Gathering Kindling
You will need fuel to light a fire and keep it burning. Straw is plentiful and easy to Harvest Straw (0120) harvest without tools, but it will burn quickly. Wood is a much more efficient fuel.

Drying Straw
Some items can only be crafted within a structure. Try transferring some grass into your burning campfire, and see if you can dry it to create straw.

Slaying a Beast
You must learn how to hunt if you want a proper meal in the wild. Slay a beast, bramblehopper, or whatever beast you can handle, and slay it with your weapon.

Harvesting Meat
When you have slain a beast, do not let any go to waste! Hack at the carcass with a sword or tool to harvest meat and other useful products.

Cooking Meat
Raw meat is only food for beasts. You'll need to cook your meat to make a healthy meal of it. Add some to your campfire and cook yourself a meal.

Setting up Camp
The life of an adventurer is hard, but there are many discoveries to be made. Keep honing your Survival skill to round out your camp.

Crafting a Foundation
You may wish to take more permanent root in the wild. Access your skills [I] and ponder the building skills you can learn. A settlement starts with a single foundation...

Proving your Mettle
Hone your combat and survival skills, young adventurer! Experience builds confidence. Do not let hardship - or even death - deter you from fulfilling your destiny!