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Overview[ | ]

Trading is the act of selling to or buying items from an NPC Merchant for

Description[ | ]

Trading with NPC merchants is a great way to obtain items that are either cheaper to buy or are currently unobtainable by the player. They can provide you with a great early boost by letting you buy cheap metal tools, better staff heads and other equipment early that you would obtain many days later, otherwise. Also, on rare occasions, they sell weapons up to legendary quality (Saddles and armour are usually up to general/common or uncommon quality only), which is a great buy even in the late game.

Unlike Sacred Path, on the Shard of Faith map there is only one general trader in each starting village, while on Sacred path there is a much greater variety of sales in capital cities.

Notably on Shard of Faith you can buy cheap Parachutes and Hang Gliders even on donation level zero from the general village traders, which is the best pseudo-flying tool on that otherwise non-flying map. What they sell is way more random than the deals of Sacred Path traders.

Merchants[ | ]

The Sacred Path[ | ]

  • Blacksmiths (Weapons and ammo)
  • Armorers (Physical armors and shields)
  • Alchemists (Staff heads, staves and other magical items)
  • Hunters (Saddles and taming resources)
  • Chefs (Food and other related items)
  • Farmers (Crops and fertilizer)
  • Tailors (Magic armors and resurrection items) Priests are located in separate villages, outside of the capital cities.

Shard of Faith[ | ]

Donation System[ | ]

In order to make traders buy and sell more and more valuable items, you need to level them up, which is done by donating gold to them. To reach the maximum of trading level 14, (which can be seen inside the trading window, and is not the level of the entity itself) players would need to donate about 50 000 gold altogether. Additionally, donating could also reward you with a temporary discount at said trader.

Take note that Yield Value is based on race, and is unaffected by donation level.

The cooldown at which new buy and sell deals are made on official Sacred Path servers is 24 in-game hours. The exact hour of the day when the deals reset varies by server.