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Overview[ | ]

The Vrock is also known as a Berunda.

Vrocks are two headed Vulture-like beasts with sharp talons.

Description[ | ]

The Vrock or Berunda is commonly known as a early game flyer. They are easy to tame, and use an easy to make saddle. Surprisingly they are neutral, and won't annoy you. Berunda be become aggressive when you are close to corpses.

They have low damage and terribly low health, which you should always bear in mind when flying your own tamed Berunda!

Taming[ | ]

The Vrock is a carnivore, but with a scavenger diet and prefers the following food while taming:

Take note that they prefer [Rotten Meat] which with it's increased affinity gain makes taming them even more easy.

Food Affinity



K.O Strategy[ | ]

To knock out a Vrock simply wait till he lands then start shooting him with stone hook arrows. He will start to defend himself making you able to hit even more shots. A vrock will require less than 10 stone hook arrows to knock out. Wearing a leather armor set should be sufficient armor to survive numerous hits from the Vrock as they have little damage to speak of.

Be careful of other carnivorous creatures, like Griffin, Bargesh and Panther in the vicinity as they do aggro on the Vrock even though it's a carnivore itself.

Tamed[ | ]

The Vrock is a quite fast early-game flyer. You could use your right mouse-button also gives you the ability to carry the smallest animals like Rabbits, And Sheep.

General Purpose[ | ]

Flying traveler: level Stamina and Food (As they've got high food consumption!)

Gallery[ | ]