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Wind Elemental

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Archos's Lofty Floating Island
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Overview[ | ]

Wind Elementals make their Archos's lofty floating island. They have evolved from the pure essence of wind magic and can help purify the air in areas full of toxic gas, allowing adventurers to pass through unharmed. they have a mild temperament and won't attack creatures unless attacked first.
~ from the in-game Bestiary

Description[ | ]

According to what one would expect Wind Elementals do fly freely.

Dark Wind Elemental[ | ]

Be wary of the Dark Wind Elemental variant that spawns with meteorite drops, as they have a huge health pool and tremendous damage and of course the great aggro range of other Dark creatures. They will usually fly straight toward you to possibly ruin your day. A Dark Wind Elemental can appear by meteorites at places you would not expect to meet such a strong enemies, and their huge strength along with the ability to fly makes them a terrible surprise. In the early to further mid-game, with no turrets and super strong tames, while it is uncertain whether you would succeed with a slower tame it is advisable to try and run away even if they attack you at your base. Baiting them away by yourself or a faster tame is also an option, but even more uncertain.

Taming[ | ]

The Wind Elemental can be tamed. They can be tamed by damaging it until it has less than 20% of health. Once his health is lower than 20% use a Soul Suppress Stone to get its soul. Once you get the Wind Elemental soul, place the Soul Suppress Stone inside the Summoning Pool with what ever resources it requires to revive it.

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General purpose[ | ]

To protect player and base.

Wind Elemental Wind Elemental (2)