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Wooden Club

Icon goblin stick




Drops from Goblins
Crafting XP
Time to Craft
5 sec
Spawn Command
Cheat GiveItemNum 577 1 0 0

Overview[ | ]

A goblin's favorite weapon. The damage this weapon deals is low, but it has a dizzying effect on the target.
~ In-game description

The Wooden Club or also known as Goblin Stick is a melee weapon that deals great constitution damage. Can be used to dramatically decrease the constitution of wild creatures and mystical creatures alike. Behaves similar to Stone Hook Arrow and Iron Hook Arrow when dealing damage.

Description[ | ]

Wooden Clubs are dropped by Goblins and by Elite Goblins at a greater chance. Players themselves cannot repair clubs, so killing Goblins for them is all the more reasonable.

Taming[ | ]

They deal way more fatigue than health damage, and are actually viable at knocking out creatures to be tamed, with good preparation even higher level ones. Be prepared with three or more clubs in case they break. You need to use Orb of Entanglement or more commonly known as Cobweb of Crystal Ball to catch up to the fleeing creature, or to be able to hit aggressive or neutral ones from behind as the Cobweb slows their turning speed too, making them unable to hit you. This opens up to a whole new, viable method of taming. Mind you that you should not try to keep creatures in fatigue after they have been knocked out, for that you should still use Stone Hook Arrows as the club will decrease the bonus levels the tame would get!

Slow bug[ | ]

Mind you that creatures tamed with the help of Cobweb may get stuck in permanent slow after tamed as a recent bug (2018.Novemeber). You can resolve this issue by hitting the creature with the Cobweb again after taming and riding it. This way you will see the Cobweb debuff running out at the bottom-right of your screen, which will remove the bugged slow effect. You need to be riding the creature as the slow debuff wears off to do so! It is uncertain whether you have to be sprint running as it runs out.

PvP tool[ | ]

In PvPvE servers you cannot loot equipment from dead players, however you can strip all of their belongings when knocked out as if they were sleeping, which makes it a horrifying weapon.